• Terence Lee
    Terence Lee

    I build up friendship with Aaron since the summer of 2015 through the referral of my buddy. I remembered I was really nervous since it was a really really tight time frame to sell my 20 years old town house in order to complete the deal of a brand new unit of Shoreline which was developed by Polygon. Finally I got an over asking offer to settle it. Afterwards we got another big project again in 2017 since I need to rearrange all of our family properties including mine, my mom & my in law family too. Finally Aaron did a wonderful job once again, even my mom and my in law parents are really happy and thankful to Aaron’s big help too!!

    In conclusion Aaron is a super professional realtor with devoted and dedicated heart, 100% trustworthy, capable to get the job well done even in super tight time frame or really difficult situation and that’s why I am highly recommend Aaron Cheng as your No.1 realtor choice!!

    Buddy, “Thank You So Much” for all your “Big Helps” once again!!

  • Angel Law
    Angel Law

    Aaron has been our home buyer’s and seller’s agent since year 2014. My family and I are very grateful to have Aaron as our realtor, who always provides us with professional, thoughtful, and honest advice throughout the process while constantly keeping our needs in mind and best interests at heart. Our dealings with Aaron have always been very smooth and well-organized, and his in-depth knowledge and expertise prove to be extremely helpful to his clients when it comes to navigating through and making the right decision in the highly competitive real estate market.

    We really appreciate Aaron’s dedication in remaining involved throughout the entire process and continuing with the follow-up to ensure everything runs smoothly for his clients. Without a doubt, we will continue to rely on Aaron as our real estate agent for the many years to come, and would definitely recommend Aaron to anyone looking to buy or sell their home!

  • Nicole Xu
    Nicole Xu
    Aaron Cheng helped me research my needs when I was in the market for property . He was very knowledgeable in my needs . He researched and found a suitable property . His professionalism and dedication exceed my expectations . I would definitely recommend Aaron as my real estate advisor.
  • Ava Cheung
    Ava Cheung
    There are so many real estate agents in the market but I found Aaron is the best. He is not only professional in presenting my apartment and knowledgeable in analyzing the real estate market trend, but also has a strong listening skill to understand customers’ needs and requests. He explains and compares the pros and cons of every listings I saw. I will definitely recommend Aaron to my friends and family.
  • Edmond Ng
    Edmond Ng
    It’s been years now since Aaron had been my real estate advisor. His knowledge of the market and resources had helped us over the years to find the right places to live/invest. Have been very happy throughout these years both professional and personal relationship, we look forward for the many more years to come!
  • K Wong
    K Wong
    We’ve bought and sold 4 properties with Aaron over the years. As both buyer and seller agent, Aaron was able to get us the best deal and provided us with the best service. We had dealt with other realtors before, but Aaron has earned our trust and we will only be working with him going forwards.
  • Jackie Law
    Jackie Law
    I feel very fortunate to have Aaron as an agent for both the selling and purchasing of my home. I sometimes wonder what would have happened if he wasn’t my agent, and the answer is that I would not be living happily in my current beautiful home. Aaron truly understands and shares the values of home and family. He listens to and respects my needs as a homeowner, and also provides balanced advice and insight. I don’t know my exact future plans in homeownership, but whatever that may be, I know I’ll continue to rely on Aaron.
  • Emily Cheung
    Emily Cheung
    Aaron helps me to find my home where I can feel the home. He is so patient and helpful with a lot of detail information. Not only as a realtor agent, he is acting as a friend/family to help us on arranging the mortgages, contractor for renovation, opinion for all the details to move into our dream home. Our family is expanding, he is definitely the first person I will get opinion to up size my home in Vancouver.