Your Reason to Sell

Establishing a reason for wanting to sell your home will set a good foundation for your selling strategy. If you are clear about your reasons, they will directly influence the amount of time and effort you put into preparing your home for sale, and the amount you set for your asking price.

Buy or sell, which comes first?

This can be a tricky question. On one hand, if you find a purchaser for your current home before you find a new home, you may be struggling to meet a closing date, and find yourself staying at a hotel during your search. On the other hand, if you find and purchase your perfect home before you are able to sell your current one, you may find yourself struggling financially.


The competitive nature of the current Vancouver real estate market means that over-pricing your home could make a real difference between being able to sell quickly or not sell at all. Contact me and I will help you price your home competitively to attract qualified buyers. The first step I will take is to generate a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) report, which will show you a range of prices being paid for homes in your area.

How to be “sellable”

While we all believe that our home is our castle, our personal tastes may not appeal to everyone. I will work with you to provide an impartial analysis of your home – how it relates to other competing homes on the Vancouver real estate market and how your home reflects current design and style trends. I will work with you to position your home on the market in a way that will make the selling process as expeditious as possible.

Professional marketing program

As my client, I will work with you to develop a unique marketing program catered specifically to your needs and goals, through my Automated Internet Marketing System. This system gives you an online presence to buyers 24 hours a day, and allows me to respond immediately and directly to every prospective buyer. Through my Personal Home Search, your listing will be sent to every prospective Vancouver buyer in my database, where your home meets their personal criteria. I will continue to e-mail it to prospective buyers as long as your home is on the Vancouver market.

Looking to sell your home?

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