Buying – Every Step of the Way

Buying – Every Step of the Way

Finding the perfect home is not an easy task. Having sold homes in Vancouver for over 7 years now, I have my finger on the pulse of the Vancouver real estate market, and I know neighbourhood values inside and out. Let me help you every step of the way, from determining which properties are fairly priced, all the way to obtaining a mortgage loan.

I will make the process of purchasing a home in Vancouver easier and more enjoyable for you, and less time-consuming and expensive than if you undertook this challenge on your own. I am here to help.

The First Step

The first step in the home-buying process is to be specific with what you need versus what you want. In order to do so, you need to define the reasons why you want to purchase a new home. Are you looking to stop paying rent? Start building equity? Have a place of your own? Raise a family? Determining your reasons for purchasing a home is key to deciding the style of home you prefer and the Vancouver area in which you would like to live.

Once you have found your reasons, you are then able to develop a list of needs over wants. The items that you want, no matter how nice it may be to have, are considered a luxury and may add a considerable price to your property. Begin your list with items that are basic necessities for you to live comfortably, and then you can consider your desired items, keeping your finances in mind. With a list like this in your hands, you are less likely to be caught up in the excitement of the pursuit, and find a home that is exactly right for you.

The next step: Loan pre-approval

After narrowing down your list, you are ready to take the next step in the purchasing process: getting pre-approved with a Vancouver mortgage company. Pre-approval means that a lender has reviewed your credit history, verified your assets and employment, and approved your loan, all before you have even found your new Vancouver home. While this task may seem daunting, pre-approval gives you substantial leverage: sellers immediately see you as a serious buyer. Not only will you know the exact price range you can afford, but you will also be able to negotiate a better deal and move more quickly when you see a house you like.

The perfect home

Viewing every home available that meets your needs can be very time consuming. Let me find the perfect home for you. A comprehensive knowledge of the available homes in Vancouver is one of my strongest assets. By establishing your needs, I can do most of the work for you. I will review the range of properties that fit your needs and advise you of the best potential matches.

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